Continued Professional Development

Seasonal RAINS will accept a number of types of submissions. All work must be written in English and submitted in Microsoft Word. All submission must be accompanied by a cover letter (email is sufficient) indicating the type of submission, details of authors and departments, contact details of the corresponding author and a statement indicating that the submission is not subject to copyright elsewhere.

All submissions will be reviewed for appropriateness and accuracy (where relevant). Inclusion in Seasonal RAINS remains the discretion of the editorial board. Preference will be given to submissions consistent with the philosophy and purpose of RAINS.

All submissions should be sent by email to:

Current presentations are available to view at the RAINS eJOURNAL

Guidelines for Submissions to Seasonal RAINS

  • Letter To Editor: 300-500 word limit.
  • Interesting Image: 1 JPG image and 300 word limit case presentation.
  • What The … ?: 1 JPG image and 100 word limit solution.
  • News and Events: Summary of recent or upcoming events. Update RAINS member achievements; publication, conference presentation or scholarship.
  • Book or Journal Article(s): Review Review of a recently released nuclear medicine text or journal article(s) related to nuclear medicine. Minimum of 1 page.
  • E-Journal Club: 20-30 minute power point presentation of a relevant journal article in Nuclear Medicine. Submissions should include written text and discussion for each slide plus 10 test questions.
  • E-Grand Rounds: Submit a 20-30 minute review summary and presentation (power point) of one or more clinical cases. Content should include patient history, scan methodology, other imaging procedures, relevant technical information, final report and patient outcomes. Submissions should include written text and discussion for each slide plus 10 test questions.
  • In-Service Education: Seminars should be submitted as power point presentations with audio narration. Audio recordings should be embedded in the power point presentation (not linked) using a radio quality setting (22kHz, 16 bit, mono). Ensure sound quality is suitable for circulation. Valuable presentation might only be included if narration is re-recorded. Accepted presentations will be included on the RAINS CPD in-service CD. All presentations should be accompanied by 10 review questions. Presentations should be sent by mail to: The Editor, PO Box U102, CSU, Wagga Wagga, 2678.
  • CPD Articles: Submissions should provide an educational review of an area of interest. The reviews should be well researched and present all valid perspectives. CPD articles may be accepted after review by the editorial board. Alternatively, the submission may be accepted with some suggested revision or deemed not suitable for the purpose intended (CPD). All submission must adhere to the guidelines provided by the Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology; available on the SNM web site ( CPD articles should be made available for publication without copyright authority elsewhere. Submitting authors accept responsibility for ensuring manuscripts do not breach copyright laws. Seasonal RAINS does not, however, ask that you transfer copyright to RAINS. Thus authors are free to republish manuscripts in whole or in part in subsequent journals.
  • Advertising: Advertisement of activities, products or events consistent with the philosophy and purpose of RAINS will occur without charge (including positions vacant). Commercial advertisements may be included at a cost of $100 per half page (190×125 mm landscape) and $200 per full page (190×270 mm portrait). Advertisements will not be reformatted. Advertisements should be submitted electronically in PDF or JPG. This is an electronic newsletter so colour is permitted at no additional cost. Advertisements should be emailed to: no later than 4 weeks prior to issue release.